About us

Francesca and Filippo Bazzani manage B e B, a mechanical workshop which produces metal smallware by cold forming. The workshop engages in large and medium-scale production of pressed metal goods – based on proprietary and customers’ drawings – ready for use in industrial assembly processes.
B e B has built a reputation for offering wide product ranges, distinguishing itself for its excellent production dedicated to the motor, mechanical, building and furniture sectors.
Furthermore, thanks to a design and development division, B e B is in a position to offer customised products and personalised solutions.


B e B came into being as a result of Francesca and Filippo Bazzani’s enterprisingness. Raised within the family’s company, they boast a solid experience gained working side by side with their father, Giorgio Bazzani, whose path they have followed.
B e B was established in 1995, replacing Giorgio Bazzani & C., which had, in turn, replaced Bazzani & Nencini (a business founded in 1975). Driven by a renewed entrepreneurial enthusiasm, it stands out as a model productive reality with a successful business profile.
B e B tackles the challenges of the global market with a strong and consolidated maturity, complemented by a new research and innovation spirit. Indeed, B e B, dedicates a sector of its company to the development of prototypes and machinery for the implementation and improvement of the production process.


B e B is a family business able to offer a personal service aimed at satisfying each customer’s different needs. Design and development, adapted to customers’ requests, guarantee customised work. Attentive service and the care employed in manufacturing the products have established B e B as a competitive company, which annually processes over 200 tons of metal in its facilities, employing 12 specialized workers, for a total volume of 900 supply orders, coming from important partnerships at national and international level.


The machinery and production technologies, which are currently available to the company are:

  • 15 to 160-ton eccentric presses
  • Nd: YAG laser welder
  • automatic sawing machines
  • cutting machines
  • automatic packaging machine
  • special machine

15 to 160-ton eccentric presses, Nd: YAG laser welder, automatic sawing machines, cutting machines, automatic packaging machine. Furthermore, in addition to the standard equipment, the company is outfitted with Special Machinery, which allows to complement the product range with other items (such as clamps with pinching ear) manufactured using techniques other than cold forming. These machines have been designed and built purposely by our technicians to increase innovation in the production cycle, with the aim of achieving improved results in terms of quality and customisation, besides gaining new clients and expanding market segments.


B e B applies its cold metal forming technique to dedicated mass production of finished, assembled and packaged items, such as pipe clamps for silencers, clamps for rubber boots, dust guards for constant velocity joints, jointing sleeves, engine plugs, ABS rings, and many others, some of which are meant for direct selling. Steel, stainless steel, brass and the main metals used in industry and manufacture are processed. B e B guarantees the production of articles based on customers’ drawings. On request, products are packed in customised packages and in packages supplied by the customer. A large warehouse of 900 square metres, constantly supplied by the production department, added to a versatile organisation system, allow the company to reduce goods storage and delivery times. The logistic sector, organised according to stringent functionality criteria, allows for rapid processing of both scheduled and unforeseen orders.


Our company’s production is based on quality and service efficiency.
In 1999, B e B has obtained the “UNI EN ISO 9002” certification, later updated into “UNI EN ISO 9001:2000”, an important reward for its work and reliability.
The entire company system is organised in order to achieve the correct management of manufacturing operations and production processes.
This allows to guarantee the traceability of raw materials and the suitability of the manufacturing steps performed, in view of achieving total customer satisfaction by ensuring compliance with the agreed terms (such as delivery deadlines and product technical specifications).


Since 1994 Filippo and Francesca Bazzani have carried on the company created by their father Giorgio in 1978

Francesca Bazzani
Owner - Administrative area
Filippo Bazzani
Owner - Technical area